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The Yamagata Evening Drink Set is a premium gift for the discerning sake connoisseur. This set includes two bottles of junmai daiginjo and tokubetsu junmai sake from the renowned Kotobuki Toraya Sake Brewery in Yamagata. Made with domestically sourced rice and rice malt, the junmai daiginjo boasts a 15% alcohol content and a sake meter value of +1, while the tokubetsu junmai sake offers a unique and complex flavor profile. Presented in elegant 720ml bottles, this set is perfect for enjoying a relaxing evening with friends or for gifting to someone who appreciates the finest quality sake. Elevate any occasion with the Yamagata Evening Drink Set, a truly exceptional offering from one of Japan's most prestigious sake breweries.

Yamagata Evening Drink Set

    1. Please order 14 Days before via our contact above.
    2. Shipping Fee included in the price only for Tokyo area for outside area Tokyo, please contact us for shipping fee.
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